Our wines


  • There are four divine forces that formed the basis of the genesis of this world: light, water, air, and earth. These four creative forces interact in the most miraculous way when the vine absorbs them to grow and bear fruity, fragrant, lively grapes. Podgoria Vin has discovered the unique way in which the energies of the four forces from the genesis of the world can be preserved in the qualities of exceptional wines. GENESIS is the wine that refers to the first creation and that opens man to discover his own creative energies. GENESIS is the wine that inspires!


  • LiberaThe LIBERA brand is created to remind the meaning of freedom by the fact that it represents a harmonious synthesis of work, the power to create admirable products, talent and passion, it is a tribute to the free spirit of those who dare to explore the new, to try new sensations, to discover and transcend. LIBERA wines have the power to lead us to the natural path of the soul, the revelatory path from the freedom of thought to the freedom of word and deed, the freedom necessary to follow our dreams!

Blossom Stories

  • There’s nothing better tnah own soul beaytifully bottled. Blossom Stories wines is about VIORICA, a grape variety with a Moldovan character, fragrant, with tender notes of basil and thyme, yellow apples ad candied apricots.


  • The earth is the one who gave us life and offers us everything to live happily. We are in love with our earth, which generously endows us with its gifts. The connection with the country and the native land is inseparable. And the wine, which we do, it is what reflects and what contains the experience of the ancestors ours, of all those who lived on this earth before us.

Aborigi Premium

  • "One of the richest and most widespread universal symbols, the #Tree of Life signifies the connection between Heaven and Earth, verticality, ascent, harmonizing between material and spiritual.” The collaboration between art, vision and grapes, oenology helped us to create the ABORIGI line of premium wines. Wines designed to delight the senses, to awaken beautiful emotions related to our meaning on earth.